ICIOMS2013 Proceedings

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Program Committee Key Note Statistics for Data to Information and Decision
Shahjahan Khan (Australia)
Papers ID: 07 Statistics in Noble Qur'an
Samir Khaled Safi  (Palestine)
  ID: 09 Dynamic Modeling of the Size of Technology Transfer
Ibrahim M. Abdalla Alfaki (UAE)
  ID: 11 Issues in a Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics
Huinee AUYONG (Malaysia)
  ID: 13 Flexible Parametric Adjustment Method For  Correcting The Impacts of Exposure Detection Limits In Regression
Shahadut Hossain (UAE)
  ID: 14 Building Enrolment Students' Forecasting Models in Faculty of Commerce at IUG in Palestine - Comparative Study
Samir Khaled Safi  (Palestine)
  ID: 19 Improving the Performance of Classical Hotelling T2 Control Charts with Decile and Trimmed Means in Phase One       Herma Mohd Hanif, Norazan M. R, Khairul A. Rasmani, Nor Azura M. G (Malaysia)
  ID: 20 Return and Disposal of Unused Medicines: A Customer Perspective of Reverse Logistics
Haidar Abbas and Jamal A Farooquie (India)
  ID: 21 Economic Stocking and Discounting of Perishables: A Simulation Approach for Wholesalers
Lamay Bin Sabir and Jamal A. Farooquie (India)
  ID: 22 An Empirical Analysis of Productivity Changes in the Malaysian Polytechnics
Mad Ithnin Salleh, Shariffah Nur Illiana Syed Ismail, Nurul Fadly Habidin, Nor Azrin Md Latip (Malaysia)
  ID: 23 Integration Assessment Using Weighted Scoring Method and Bayesian for Crowdsourcing Product Review Models With MultiParameter and Multi Category
Yuli Adam Prasetyo  (Indonesia)
  ID: 28 Fitting Com-Poisson Mixtures to Bimodal Count Data
Smarajit Bose , Galit Shmueli, Pragya Sur, Paromita Dubey (India)
  ID: 29 A Hybrid Approach To Content-Based Image Retrieval
Smarajit Bose, Amita Pal, Jhimli Mallick (India) and Sunil Kumar (Switzerland)
  ID: 30 A Comparison between Classical Statistical Method and Fuzzy Logic for Ranking Critical Success Factors of Implementing ERP in Iranian, Kalleh Food Products Company
Reza Farrokhian, Faezeh Soleimani and Yousef Gholipour-Kanani (Iran)
  ID: 35 Corporate Site: Case study on Malaysian Company
Noor Latiffah Adam, Nordin Abu Bakar (Malaysia)
  ID: 37 Heuristic technique for tour package models
Aida Mauziah Benjamin*, Syariza Abdul Rahman, Engku Md Nazri A. Bakar (Malaysia)
  ID: 38 Monitoring project performance through earned value analysis
Mohd Sahar Saunian, Tuan Arif Tuan Mahmood (Malaysia)
  ID: 39 Smart process monitoring and management in a distributed manufacturing system: indexed towards virtual factory
Ahm Sumsuzzoha, Petri Helo (Finland) and Mohammad Khadem (Oman)
  ID: 40 Regression Analysis on Internet Usage among Pre-teenagers in Malaysia: A Case of Central Region
Zaitul Anna Melisa Md Yasin, Noraizan Amran, Farah Diana Saiful Bahry, Szarina Abdullah, Faridah Zulkipli (Malaysia)
  ID: 41 Optimum Hybrid Censored Reliability AcceptanceSampling Plans
Ritwik Bhattacharya , Biswabrata Pradhan  , Anup Dewanji (India)
  ID: 42 Inference and Optimum Censoring Scheme for Progressively Type-I Interval Censored Inverse Gaussian Distribution
Annesha Purakayastha, Ritwik Bhattacharya and Biswabrata Pradhan (India)
  ID: 43 Statistical Analysis of Democracy Index
M. Shafiqur Rahman (Oman)
  ID: 44 Estimation of Variance of Horvitz-Thompson Estimator in the presence of Measurement error: The linear Model Approach
Pulakesh Maiti (India)
  ID: 47 Investigating the Impact of TQM on Financial, Quality and Innovation Performance
Mohamed K. Omar and Aliya Tuyakbayeva (Malaysia)
  ID: 48 Improving Supply Chain Performance Using Lean and Agility Concepts
Mohamed K. Omar, Ru Min Sim (Malaysia)
  ID: 50 Optimal Sample Proportion for a Two-Treatment Clinical Trial in the Presence of Surrogate Endpoints
Atanu Biswas, Buddhananda Banerjee and Saumen Mandal (India)
  ID: 51 Understanding Cross-sectional Dependence in Panel Data
Samarjit Das and Gopal K. Basak (India)
  ID: 52 Comparison of Several Tests about the Mean of Normal Distribution in case of known Coefficient of Variation
Walid Abu-Dayyeh (Jordan) and Atsu Dorvlo (Oman)
  ID: 53 Growth of Statistics Enhanced by Computer and Internet
Shahjahan Khan (Australia)